Discover His Character.

Do you find yourself doubting God when you are faced with a difficult situation? Are you often frustrated by negative circumstances? Is it hard for you to trust God with the challenges of life?

People have many different perceptions of what God is like. Some see Him as an indulgent grandfather or a divine Santa Claus. Others see Him as a vengeful dictator. Many people fear God because they have a distorted understanding of His character. God not only wants you to view Him correctly, He wants you to know Him intimately.

How you view God and His involvement in your life touches every facet of who you are. Everything about your life - your desires, motives, attitudes, words, and actions - is influenced by your perception of who God is.

Your self-image will improve once you realize the awesome greatness of God and the worth He places on you. The more accurate your understanding of who God really is and how He is involved in your life, the more highly motivated you will become to excel in the use of your time, talents, and abilities.

God is completely trustworthy. God has unlimited abilities, so He can do anything. He is all-powerful, ever-present, all-knowing, and sovereign. Nothing is too difficult for Him. However, despite all this, you can trust Him only to the degree that you know Him.

God's character is of the highest integrity. He is morally perfect in every way, so He will always do the right thing. He is holy, absolutely truthful, righteous, and just. He will never betray your confidence.

And God is totally committed to His relationship with you, so you can experience the many blessings of His gracious goodness. He is loving, merciful, faithful, and never changes. He will always do what is best for you.

Are you in the midst of difficult circumstances? Are you facing challenges that seem beyond your ability to cope? Do not despair because God is with you and He wants to help you.

Allow the truth about Him and His marvelous character to transform you. Only then will you experience God's best and become all He wants you to be.